Technical Specification of Kshar Sutra

(A) Bourbor Surgical Thread 20 Number (European Slandered )
(B) Guggul as a Binding agent and anti-inflammatory drug
(C) Apamarga Kshar
(D) Haridra
(E) Total coatings about 21
(F) Total days of coating 7
(G) Thickness of thread 1mm
(H) Thread Length 30cm (1feet)
(I) Dark reddish Brown in colour)
(J) PH 8.9

Packing Presentation

Two Kshar Sutras in one Plastic tube.

Expiry Duration

No Expiry Duration


(A) Store in a cool and dry place
(B) Do not put in direct sun light
(C) Save from Moisture
(D) Save from Heat
(E) Do not use it with liquid solutions.

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-Dr. Meher Prakash Patel